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Amplifying Your Charitable Impact with Google Ads in Singapore

At Story Resonate, we are dedicated to supporting charitable organizations in making a meaningful difference in their communities. We understand the challenges you face in reaching out to donors and volunteers, and we’re here to help you navigate the world of Google Ads.

Be found by supporters of your cause and willing donors

With Google Ads, reaching potential donors and supporters has never been more accessible. Our team of skilled marketers will create and manage targeted campaigns tailored to your charity’s specific goals. We work to amplify your impact for every dollar spent.

Be found By Your Willing Volunteers.

Finding the right volunteers can be a game-changer for your organization. Our Google Ads strategies focus on connecting you with individuals who are genuinely passionate about your mission, increasing the likelihood of long-term engagement and support.

Leveraging the 10K Google Ads Grant for Charities in Singapore

Discover the possibilities with the 10K Google Ads grant. Our consultants will guide you through the application process, giving you a chance to expand your reach and make a more significant impact on your charitable initiatives.

Transparency and communication.

We believe in honest communication and providing clear insights into your campaign’s performance. Please do not take our word, speak to the Charities that are working with us in Singapore.

Proven track record with SG charities.

Born for the Charity and Non-profit sector, Story Resonate brings a wealth of experience managing successful Google Ads campaigns for charities. We understand your aspirations and your limitations. And we want to make it work for you.

We seek to understand and customise.

We know that no two charities are the same. Different ads and copies appeal to different audiences. We craft customized Google Ads setups to align with your charity’s goals and needs.

Charity year-end Giving.sg campaigns

Duration10 Days
Ad CostS$451
Clicks (Traffic to Giving.sg)510

Outreach to vulnerable groups


Filling up activity centres


Empower your charity today.

Create sustainable & ongoing conversions for your charity

Let’s collaborate to advance your charitable mission through the power of Google Ads. Reach out to us today; together, we’ll work towards making a sustainable difference.