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Amplifying Your Charitable Impact with Social Media in Singapore

Welcome to Story Resonate! We’re your partner in leveraging the power of social media to drive meaningful impact for your charity in Singapore. From attracting donors and volunteers to showcasing your services, we’re here to help you achieve your multifaceted goals.

Donor Engagement

Connect with potential donors who are genuinely passionate about your cause through compelling storytelling and targeted campaigns.

We understand the financial limitations that charities often face. We emphasise generating sustainable and dependable year-round outcomes that make a lasting impact.

Volunteer Recruitment

Mobilize a dedicated volunteer base by showcasing your charity’s mission, values, and the meaningful work volunteers can be a part of.

Broadcast an authentic and comprehensive story for your charity that resonates deeply. Connect with your audience using the most suitable platforms and a well-planned implementation strategy.

Service Promotion

Ignite awareness and foster engagement for your charity’s invaluable services, connecting with the audience that requires them most.

Whether it’s populating activity centres, aiding beneficiaries, delivering medical care, or implementing shelter programs, we’re here to assist.

Transparency and communication.

Transparency and open communication are at the core of our values. We are committed to offering transparent assessments of your campaign’s progress. Don’t just take our word for it – feel free to connect with the charities we collaborate with in Singapore for their firsthand experiences.

Proven track record with SG charities.

Dedicated to the Charity and Non-profit sector, Story Resonate comes with extensive experience in handling successful social media ad campaigns for charitable causes. We grasp your goals and challenges and are committed to making it a success for you.

We seek to understand and customise.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each charity, we understand that various audiences respond to distinct ads and messages. That’s why we tailor personalized social media ad strategies to match your charity’s objectives and requirements.

Charity year-end Giving.sg campaign via FB & IG (Dec 2020)

Link click (Est traffic to Giving.sg)2,760
Ad CostS$300

Charity year-end Giving.sg campaign via FB & IG (Dec 2021)

Link click (Est traffic to Giving.sg)1,497
Ad costS$300

Awareness campaign

Duration10 days
Link Clicks1,967

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