Encouraging prospects and donors to support a cause should be easy if they are already willing to do so. This makes it easier for nonprofits and charities to raise money. However, that is realistically not the case, and many charities continue to have difficulty obtaining funds. Fundraising challenges are a bit complicated because there are usually multiple elements at play that prevent success in fundraising efforts.

1. Decreasing donor retention  

Someone may donate once, but it is more difficult to keep them consistently donating twice. The secret to keeping contributors is the value you can provide for them. Donors want to sense that their contributions are making a difference and they appreciate transparency showing where their donations have an impact. Sending out regular updates via email is a simple way to communicate how the charity is making a difference.

2. Growing the donor base

The second point works hand in hand with decreasing donor retention. People do not easily part with their money and when they support a charity, they want to know about the organization and understand their goals. A significant difference can be made by investing efforts in marketing through community events and social media.  Visibility is vital to keep your charity or nonprofit relevant and noticeable. Applying a variety of ideas in your fundraising campaigns such as utilizing passionate story telling techniques, leveraging email and social media marketing.

3. Difficultly asking for money

Asking for money directly is one of the hardest parts of fundraising. Even though it may seem awkward or self-serving to make requests, doing so is essential to raise the funds required to further the nonprofit’s goal. If you are not clear about what you are asking donors to do, your fundraising efforts will suffer. Instant connections can be made with your audience and aid in the real-time dissemination of your message thanks to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

4. Building multiple revenue streams

You will be better able to withstand the ups and downs that all organizations experience by developing diverse streams of income. Relying on individual donations is not a sustainable strategy. Ideas for fundraising that go beyond simple donations include getting aid through government channels, submitting grants to private foundations, applying a membership fee for special benefits, or hosting events through the year. Additionally, find all possible touch points that your charity can have with supporters and expand on campaigns that enhance engagement.

Let Technology Do The Work

Charitable organizations require a lot of labor to start and maintain. But to ensure a charity has a lasting impact, it is important to recognize, acknowledge, and overcome potential challenges. The nonprofit sector faces an ongoing difficulty with fundraising. However, the industry is also what has endured and has significantly altered society.

Story Resonate has a donor management system that helps entities enhance their fundraising efforts through boosted communication to promote impactful and sincere causes. A charity’s success depends mostly on the ability to raise money. It’s what makes it possible to achieve objectives, assist others, and carry-on raising money to support those endeavors.