Charities and nonprofits play crucial roles in providing aid and support to people and regions affected by disaster, poverty, disease, conflict, or trauma. However, to do this, a charity relies heavily on donations and getting enough financing is a huge challenge. But through using a mix of proven strategies, your charity can capture the right attention to enhance charitable giving.

There are subtly effective strategies to encourage people to practice daily generosity. This can be achieved by using resources, tools, and media for the benefit of society while increasing awareness of those in need. Before launching your next marketing campaign, consider including one or more of the following approaches that may help increase donations.

Make it personal

People respond more to a single victim, rather than to numbers, statistics or a large group of victims that seem anonymous. It is easier for people to donate to one person than an obscure group of people. There is a bigger willingness to help when one is able to relate to a victim, whether it is a child or a distressed mother that has been given a name and a face. Charities that aim to assist thousands of individuals should emphasize the circumstances of the victim and describe how a potential contribution could change their life or have a positive impact on their daily living.

Passionately describe donation impacts

When it comes to charitable giving, people want to know that their donations are making an impact. Adding tangible details about a charity’s interventions can increase donations because it shows real-world impacts and people feel their generosity makes a difference. Being transparent and offering as much information as possible about where charity money will go also makes people feel better about their decision to give. Many people feel that simply stating a charity needs general support is not a compelling enough reason for people to donate. However, if the donation request is tied to a specific benefit, the response is much higher. For example, outlining how a donation can buy a meal for one child. Highlighting the impact of a donation can improve the emotional benefits of generosity and encourage more giving.

Highlight tax benefits for individuals and corporates

Nearly three-quarters of charitable giving is made directly by individuals, with the remaining contributions coming from foundations, estates, and businesses. While a charitable gift helps those supported by the charitable activity, there are various tax incentives available that charities can leverage for increasing the amount of donations received. Charitable deductions subsidize donors by lowering the net cost of the gift and the amount of tax deductibility will primarily depend on the donor’s marginal tax rate.

Generosity is contagious

Story Resonate offers a donor management system that helps NGOs, nonprofits, and charities to organize their donor information and better understand their contributors for enhanced campaigning. Today, charitable organizations can gain several advantages from the features that a contemporary donor system provides. The main benefit of using an all-in-one platform is that it frees up your time so you can concentrate on fundraising rather than data management.