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Donor Management System for Singapore Charities

Donor Management System for Singapore Charities

Connect with existing & acquire new donors

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Donor Analytics

Understand demographics. Target donors accurately. Run campaigns that work.
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Consistent Outreach

Systematic outreach & Track response to newsletters.
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Grow Donor Base

Campaign pages that resonate your cause.

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Excellent client service. Professional and responsive yet friendly team of staff. Good solution provider. Strongly recommended.
Grace Wong
iCareHub, Singapore Supporting Women in Recovery

Charities hit the ground running with our Donor Management System

One year of essential services so charities can start getting results
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Customised donor friendly E-newsletters

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Training on best practices of campaign pages & E-newsletter

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Analysis of existing donation data and donor demographic to guide the next campaigns

Story Resonate

To empower SG charities to systematically retain & grow donations with an effective donor management system

Story Resonate is a Certified Hubspot Solutions Partner

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Donation Analytics Powered By Microsoft PowerBI

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let's retain & grow your Donor Base

More donations more possibilities

Let us discuss how we can systematically enhance your fundraising efforts and the relevant NCSS Grant details.

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We engaged Story Resonate to design our corporate website and we are very happy with their service! Our site was delivered on-time, met and exceeded all our expectations. Thanks much SR!
Peter Quek

Highly professional, and takes pride in their work. We hired them for a project and the delivery was exceptional, meeting our expectations even during the ongoing control of the COVID-19 Situation. We are impressed by their dedication towards their job quality, delivering on a timely manner. Thanks very much to Hans and Isaiah.
Henry Lim

Excellent client service. Professional and responsive yet friendly team of staff. Good solution provider. Strongly recommended.
Grace Wong

Excellent and professional service, the training conducted by Ethan was very thorough and well explained. Strongly recommend! Thanks SR 🙂
Alissa Ker

New Life Community Services
We engaged Story Resonate to design and build two websites for our organisation. The team is highly professional and handled the entire project from conception to delivery flawlessly. They were able to help us storyboard and conceptualise the design of the websites, which had to follow the same themes yet have their own individual identities. The account manager followed up promptly at all stages of the project, giving timely updates and developing the site at a very quick pace. Post launch, the Story Resonate team has been great at following up and ensuring that the site is running smoothly and are always available to troubleshoot matters or provide advice. Would highly recommend their services!
Martyn Lim

New Life Community Services

Donor Management System FAQ

Charities and nonprofit organizations use donor management software to manage their network of donors, and support fundraising initiatives. It is simpler and more effective to securely store and manage donor data for all your fundraising and communication channels with a Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) designed specifically for nonprofits.

Bespoke CRM for nonprofits

CRMs have evolved enormously to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. The system provides a dedicated platform and central repository for customer interactions across all channels and manages centralized data. These features help businesses improve marketing and customer experience, satisfaction, retention, and service. A donor management solution transforms this powerful sales and marketing tool into a robust CRM tailored to nonprofit requirements.

Relationship building

Integration with a donor management tool enables charities, nonprofits, and NGOs to work productively, strengthen donor relationships, enhance internal and external experiences, and increase donor bases through reliable and user-friendly technology.

  • A donor management system manages relationships with your donors by recording contact details, donations, interactions, and much more.
  • All data is securely organized and enriched so you can develop deeper connections with your contributors and your supporters are able to fulfill their commitments and goals to the causes they are passionate about.
  • For a nonprofit, donor management software boosts retention rates, raises more money, and uses donors’ communication preferences, and interests to improve their experience with you.
  • Charities can maintain all records for donations and volunteer work, create individualized donor retention strategies, and promote new campaigns to expand the donor outreach.

The crux of communication

The relationship between nonprofits and donors is the foundation for achieving operational and purposeful goals. And multichannel communication is a crucial part of this.

  • Effective email marketing campaigns use automated donor outreach to create high-volume campaigns that are launched with targeted deliverability.
  • A donor management system is specific in that you can create compelling emails, send them to the appropriate recipients at the appropriate time. Then you can establish who your most receptive sponsors are and segment donors to improve communications.

Retrospection for transformation

A nonprofit management solution offers effective handling of fundraising campaigns, and reporting on program activities and impact as soon as possible.

  • Using a nonprofit CRM system that integrates data intelligence into fundraising approaches can improve performance, reduce time, and increase donor retention and engagement. This sets the stage to finetune campaigns to give your network a rewarding experience.
  • By monitoring your contributors’ history of donations, gift amounts, dates, event participation, correspondence sent and received, and any other interaction, you can identify trends to enhance your acquisition or retention strategy and segment donor lists for specialized fundraising or stewardship initiatives.

Reach Out

Story Resonate Donor Management software helps you focus on relationships with past, present, and future donors. It is a comprehensive solution that successfully connects with your contributors and gives them the tools they need to make a difference. Let technology help you advance the mission of your charity, nonprofit, or NGO, achieve fundraising goals, and connect with your supporters to make a greater impact on the community

A donor management system is more than simply a digital file cabinet; it’s a tool to reduce cumbersome and manual tasks and boost donor engagement. A CRM for nonprofits lets you streamline funding operations, utilize multiple communication channels, and extract insights from the donor base quickly versus spending unnecessary time looking for contact information, or volunteer and gifting history saved across several spreadsheets.

The objective of a nonprofit is to recruit donors and raise funds to carry out the mission of the enterprise and progress with its purpose. Charities need to be able to quickly switch between different channels, create new initiatives, and establish relationships with new supporters.

The features a nonprofit CRM depends on objectives, priorities, and future strategies. Donor management software comes in a variety of sizes and forms; however, there are key features to look out for that will that are specifically designed to help nonprofits and charities raise more money and further the mission.

Profiles of Donors

It’s crucial to maintain contact information on every donor because email addresses are one of your most essential tools for communicating with donors. To communicate with your supporters, it’s also important to obtain proper phone numbers to cultivate contributors through more frequent touchpoints. Being able to maintain donor profiles gives you better understanding of your network.

Targeted Impact

The demographics of your supporters are some of the most fundamental details about them. Knowing this information helps you target your communications and raise money while also fostering better relationships with your current and future donors. You can also get a sense from demographic information which donors could be more likely to make higher-level contributions.


Having CRM features is important but being able to report on your efforts is just as important. Reporting tools should be included that allow you to analyze past marketing efforts, and donations and volunteering activities of your supporters. This offers valuable guidance on structuring and planning upcoming campaigns.


One of the most economical ways to inform donors about volunteer opportunities, gift requests, and updates on your organization’s activity is via email. Customized e-newsletters that are easy to create from templates, and automated workflows for data entry and marketing campaigns are valuable features in a donor management solution.

Every nonprofit and charity wants to promote their objectives that contribute to the world and smaller communities. When equipped with the right tools, it can lead to greater successes and garnering more support.

Be the Change

With Story Resonate Donor Management software it does not take more effort to engage more supporters through more channels and with more initiatives. Our effective and unified solution, you can work smarter rather than harder by easily personalizing and optimizing engagements and contributions.

Fundraisers are aware that finding enough supporters is only the first step in funding your purpose; donor retention is another vital aspect. The correct donor management solution will assist you in reaching out with the right message at the right time, so you can harness opportunities and be part of the change to make the world a better place.

How charities can benefit from a Donor Management System

A donor management system organizes and optimizes contact data for charities to enhance their marketing efforts and promote their purpose. Running a charity is a labor of love where invaluable services and assistance are provided to different communities and worthy causes. But it takes countless hours every day to work at growing a database of donors while raising funds and campaigning for the charity.

By using a donor management system, charities can now work smarter, not harder, and further your mission while realizing added operational and profitable benefits that will make it all the more rewarding.

Better Understanding of Donors

You can gather a ton of information about your supporters, and volunteers with the use of donor management software. It gives you information on how to target new potential benefactors as well as trends and opportunities within your current supporter donor base. To better understand your donors, enhance your connections, and optimize your donor lifecycle, having data in one place is crucial.

Enhanced Presence and Range

The mark of a healthy charity is continued growth in receiving support and participation to provide good outcomes for a particular cause or initiative. Donor management software enables charities of all sizes to present a polished and modern public face by providing innovative marketing campaign features to increase responsive donor support. A solution specifically designed for charities can help you better engage with your supporters and build new connections around the world.

Always-on Access to Donor Data

Using a cloud-based donor management platform means you can access your charity’s data from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone regardless of your location. This supports marketing endeavors, prompt response times, and gives immediate insight for improved engagement. A mobile solution allows you to access the resources you need to manage fundraising, marketing, and prospecting activities on behalf of the charity at any time and any place.

Online Security

With the rising threat of cyberattacks, you want your supporters to have confidence that their personal information will remain secure and private – your reputation depends on it. Donor management software offers a secure online setting that alleviates typical worries about viruses, frauds, and data breaches and guarantees controlled access to data.

Making a Difference  

Some charities think they are too small or don’t have enough funds to warrant using a donor management platform. However, not having a donor management system could cost you in the long run. 

Story Resonate Donor Management System not only saves time with automating your campaigning efforts, it also ensures you do not miss out on opportunities that are critical to your charity’s survival and growth. Internet marketing tools are becoming increasingly necessary for charities to compete. It takes more than distributing flyers or posting ads on social media. People want to be engaged and inspired to take further action and donate time or money to show their support. With a donor management solution, you can free up your bandwidth and focus on your mission.